What We Offer


Social Media

Would an outsider taking social media management off your plate be a huge sign of relief? Let’s chat! I can manage your posting, ads, interactions with your followers and more! This leaves you with more time to focus on the operations of your business, while knowing you aren’t slacking when it comes to your social media presence.


Events are so important for brands to invest in. A well executed event can capture individuals and create loyal customers. Are you looking to host an event to bring exposure to your brand, but don’t know where to start? Let a pro manage it!We also offer services for executing nonprofit events and corporate employee/networking events.


Not looking for someone to completely run things, but just need some advice and guidance? We can do that too! Schedule time to meet one-on-one and gain insight into industry trends as it pertains to social media and events. This can set the tone for success and lead you and your organization in the right direction when it comes to social strategy or event concepts.